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The Chamber Room Experience

The Chamber Room Experience Tour 2019

Shalom and welcome! 

Up coming events

The Chamber Room Experience Cruise 2019

Feb 5-14 2019 Tour to Yisrael! 

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The Chamber Room Tour 2019 For Marriages #loveboat #staytuned

Online School

When you get a moment, check out www.bhncollege.com BHN COLLEGE online scribe school. The teachings are all things kingdom. We offer:

  • Mentorship  
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Worship 101
  • Banners- A Signal for the Throne
  • Books
  • Staffs
  • Prophetic Gift Boxes


Are you excited and ready for revelation and impartation in the land of Yisrael? Feb 5-14th 2019 is the all inclusive trip of a life time!     

Real Knowledge Bible College in Conjunction with
Practical Christianity Institute of Evangelism and FCC Ministers Prep School Presents: “The Best of Israel Teaching Tour”
An all-inclusive Pilgrimage, featuring 10 Glorious Days in the 

With Co-Hosts Dr. Rick and Dr. Dottie Kurnow, Apostle Jason and Pastor Sonia Welsh, Pastor John & Anna Williams and Dr. Brenda Wright. Departure Date: February 5, 2019
$3,695.00 from Los Angeles California and other West Coast Airports; $3,495.00 from New York or Washington DC airports
All-Inclusive tour featuring Superior First Class Hotels, Full Board arrangements, Transfers, Comprehensive Sightseeing, Entrance fees, Tips and Gratuities. 


May 17-19th The Fellowship of the Deaconry

3575 Valley Road. Basking Ridge N.J. 07920

Prophetic Chatter

Don't miss any episodes of Prophetic Chatter! Apostle Nabiyah shares great insight and wisdom with a side of laughter. She has powerful speakers that share attainable kingdom concepts. 


Feel free to call 571-305-1239